Our heritage

LABUTA was born from the passion for high quality shoes as well as the unique artisanal fabrication processes to obtain such results.

In an industry whose know-how, recognized within and beyond borders does the country proud, we took the step and embraced the challenge.

Originally inspired by the most emblematic professions that, throughout history, for their toughness and specificity, needed highquality and durable shoes. LABUTA develops today a collection that looks to the collective imagination for the icons of the quotidian shoes that represent and identify the social and professional groups of a recent past.

Using, based upon the tradition and culture of our people, the standards for high quality materials and procedures of our heritage, LABUTA offers a range of products that marry 

the robustness of the past with the design and comfort required in the present.

Aiming at an informed audience that appraises a consumption experience based on non-ephemeral values, LABUTA remains faithful to the knowledge and mastery of the Portuguese