The Goodyear Welt Process

This manufacturing method stands out among all the methods, as the most complex and most build quality. A legacy left by the American Charles Goodyear Jr. to the most demanding artisans in the world, being Portugal of the few countries that dominate the art, starting at an advantage through the hands and unique mastery of our craftsmen. This is the process chosen by our brand par excellence. In the second half of the 19th century Charles Goodyear Jr. invents the first machine (Goodyear Welt Machine) that perfectly combined manual labor and for the realization of a noble and superlative, until now as arduous for the hands of artisans as time consuming for the needs of demand. This machine could sew the saw (Welt in English), a leather strap of the best quality, at the top the sole and the mounting insole, making a point fixing. Once the sole and midsole are joined to the leather, a second machine will sew them again. A revolution in a process that had been until then, for craftsmen and their suffering hands, of extreme hardness and sacrifice. The combination of high quality materials, comfort insole, paste cork for molding from foot to shoe and the metal support in the middle of the foot (soul) result in a robust and long lasting footwear, which becomes more and more comfortable with use, creating a unique relationship between shoe and user.