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Labuta cleaning products pack.

39,50 €


Softens, shapes and enlarges all types of footwear as a form, providing immediate comfort to your feet.
Spray the inside of the shoe and wear it immediately walking for a few minutes so that the shoe adjusts to the shape of your foot. Apply as many times as you deem necessary to obtain the desired result.



Permanently protects all types of footwear and other articles against the penetration of water, liquids, oils and dirt, maintaining the natural respiration of the fibers, not obstructing the pores and maintaining a total permeability to perspiration / respiration.
Spray evenly at a distance of about 15 cms and allow to dry. Repeat the operation after 5 minutes. Repeat if necessary



It repels dirt, waterproofs and renews the appearance of the shoe, restoring the original appearance of colour, protects and softens all suede and nubuck articles in a long-lasting way, keeping the material's fibres breathing naturally.
Spray evenly at a distance of about 15 cm from the shoe and let it dry. Brush if necessary



Highly effective cleaning foam for effortless removal of all types of dirt, leaving a soft, fragrant touch on leather, suede, nubuck and canvas.
Wipe the entire surface of the shoe or suitcase with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Shake the bottle well and apply on a pre-moistened sponge, spreading evenly over the entire surface until dirt and excess foam are removed. Leave to dry naturally in the shade, repeating if necessary until a perfect cleaning.



MOISTURIZING CREAM FOR SHOES.   Restores the shine, flexibility and hydration of leather due to its formulation based on natural waxes. Disguises defects and renews smooth and synthetic leather goods. The shoe should be clean and dry, apply evenly over the entire surface of the leather. Leave to dry, polish with a clean, soft cloth to give shine.


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