1. Remove dirt with a soft bristle brush or dry cloth.
  2. Moisturize the leather with a colorless, natural-based moisturizing cream. If you don’t have a leather product, you can use a fat moisturizing cream if you notice that the leather is dry.
  3. Re-grease the entire surface of the leather with a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth until it regains its natural shine.


  1. Remove dirt with a ceylon or crepe rubber brush to remove dirt from the suede.
  2. Use a neutral suede or nubuk spray to revive the color and waterproof your shoes, which is environmentally friendly.
  3. Let them dry for a few minutes before wearing them.

NOTE: In case your leather, suede or nubuck shoes are wet, they should be allowed to dry naturally in the shade and never by means of a dryer, fireplace or sun.