At LABUTA we believe that just as people are the sum of their experiences, so should the objects with which we share our daily lives demonstrate the result of our experiences.

Using natural materials and sustainable processes, LABUTA products can mirror our history, making each piece unique.

At LABUTA imperfections are just like in life...details that are part of our character!



The Labuta brand is inspired by the most emblematic professions and develops its collection using manual manufacturing techniques to ensure that each piece has unmatched quality and durability.

Maximizing the know-how of Portuguese craftsmen, Labuta manufactures its products with unparalleled quality, resistant to wear and tear, using traditional construction processes.

With a collection of footwear in Goodyear Welted and bags and accessories in vegetable tanned leather the brand aims for slow and natural aging while having a lower environmental impact.



feminine noun

  1. Act or effect of toil.
  2. Painstaking labor.
  3. Hard work.


The noun became a name to designate the brand that produces quality footwear. Thus was born LABUTA, which goes back to the past to use artisanal manufacturing processes and is situated in modernity by techniques, design and superior materials.

Initially inspired by the most emblematic professions, LABUTA presents a vast collection with the icons of the collective imagination of recent history. These are the brand's inspirations: Models that throughout history, due to their demand and specificity, demanded a footwear of superior quality and durability. We added comfort.

In a sector that makes the country proud for its know-how, recognized inside and outside the country, the tradition and culture of Portugal are the basis of collections oriented to an informed public, appreciative of a consumption experience based on non-ephemeral values.