We put all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years by our expert craftsmen in Goodyear Welt construction, to develop our footwear using only the best materials.
All our products are carefully tested under strict conditions so that we can guarantee your confidence and satisfaction. This care and demand allows us to be sure of the quality, robustness and durability in what we do, materialized in a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE after receiving the purchase made in our online store www.labuta.com


Our WARRANTY covers any and all problems that may arise from a manufacturing defect in our footwear that was originally purchased at www.labuta.com and with use that is considered normal and responsible.
The WARRANTY does not cover accidental damage, improper maintenance, and negligent or improper use. This warranty is non-transferable and excludes any product purchased used or 2nd hand.
Our footwear is constructed of natural materials that may have changes in behavior, color or appearance. Please read carefully the maintenance instructions provided with your purchase.
To take advantage of this warranty you will need to register your purchase via email to warranty@labuta.com , 3 months after the date of purchase, providing the warranty holder's details.



In the event of a claim, the product must be sent to our facilities with the postage to be borne by the customer, for analysis by our specialized technicians and if accepted it will be our responsibility to repair or replace the product, according to the terms and conditions of warranty specified.