Labuta is a 100% Portuguese brand that is inspired by the record we have collected over time of some of the most charismatic professions, to create products with history that are timeless, long lasting and versatile in order to be used in most of our activities.

We take a conscious approach to sustainability and only use natural products and vegetable tanned leather that uses orange blossoms, jasmine and other plant extracts to give the leather a woody aroma, velvety feel and hypoallergenic properties, while maintaining superior strength and using 90% less water than chemical tanned leather.

We believe that we make unique pieces that, as time goes by, become more and more beautiful, making us gain affection and complicity by sharing our experiences and by accumulating our stories, revealing that imperfections are only part of our character.

We favor national raw materials and local small business labor, not only because we have the best Goodyear Welted construction but also because we believe in the power of circular economy as a real springboard for the development of an entire region and our country.