We do not believe that the path to a sustainable future lies in encouraging the purchase of a greater quantity of heavily discounted products to significantly increase market sales volume.
We do not believe in the growing need to have specialised clothing and footwear for every outdoor or everyday activity.
We at Labuta believe in producing timeless, versatile and long lasting items.

This way you don’t need a big wardrobe but just the essentials that are versatile enough to be worn for most activities regardless of situations or conditions.

Our vegetable-tanned leather is certified and sourced from the Azores.
Although it takes longer to produce, it is more durable, healthier for nature and has a superior quality.
Our leather has no added heavy metals and is processed only with plant extracts of acacia and orange blossom, known as tannins, to naturally stabilise the fibres.
Only 10% of the leather produced in the world is with this type of tanning, due to the slow form and artisanal know-how that make this process the most ecological and sustainable.
Vegetable tanned leather tells a story…the story of the wearer.
The articles are personalised, they don’t get old, they just mature with character, gaining a vintage look and easily identifiable by the light woody aroma that characterises it so well.
It is also a recyclable product and its production uses roughly half the water required for chromium tanning.
Solid waste is reusable in the production of cosmetics and fertilisers. The finishes are water-based rather than solvent-based.